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  • Are you a server who has low back pain from being on your feet all day?
  • Is working construction labor catching up with your body?
  • Is your outdoor lifestyle starting to take its toll?
  • Do you often find it hard to fall asleep at night?
  • Are you looking for some supportive care while going through treatment for cancer or another chronic illness?
  • Do you want the purist, highest quality natural medicine targeted for your specific health concerns?

Natural and Effective Relief

You don’t have to suffer, use addictive narcotics with major side effects, or buy drugs on the black market to treat your symptoms. IBEX is a family run and owned dispensary offering a variety of products for our community. We are fully licensed and our products are all tested to comply with the Montana Department of Health’s guidelines. IBEX streamlines the patient registration process to make it cheap and easy to get your card. Our loyalty program and monthly specials make it simple for you to stay on top of your health, pain, appetite, and sleep needs.

We also carry a full line of locally produced CBD products.

These safe and effective products do not require a special license to use or possess.
You can come in any time and check out our line of CBD products with no wait!
  • Loyalty Program
  • Senior & Military Discounts
  • Hospice Care Special Rates
  • Our flower is always gluten free!



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